City Business License

How do I obtain a business license application?

Forms are available at City Hall, Finance Department, Room 5, or you can download one from our website

How much does a business license cost?

The fee for each business license is established by resolution of the City Council. Tax rate schedules can be obtained at City Hall, Finance Department, Room 5.

When will I receive my business license?

A license certificate will be printed and mailed to you approximately two weeks after your application is approved.

How often do I need to renew my business license?

Business licenses are renewed annually. A renewal notice will be mailed in November of each year.

When is my business license renewal fee due?

Business license renewal fees are due by January 31.

If I'm no longer in business, what should I do?

Notify our office in writing or return your renewal form with the closing date of the business.

I have moved the location of my business, what do I do?

Moving within the city limits will require coming to City Hall, Finance Department, Room 5 to obtain zoning approval and transferring your license to a new location. Moving your business outside of Norwalk will require a written notification.

Important Numbers

Key Phone Numbers

Emergency - Fire, Sheriff and Rescue 911
City of Norwalk
City Hall 562.929.5700
Norwalk Superior Court 562.807.7266
Employment, Dept. of Human Resources 562.929.5721
Coast Plaza Doctors Hospital 562.868.3751
Norwalk Community Hospital 562.863.4763
Alondra Library 562.868.7771
Norwalk Regional Library 562.868.0775
Post Offices
Norwalk Main/Paddison Square 800.275.8777
Sheriff & Fire
Sheriffs Department 562.863.8711
Fire and Rescue 562.868.0411
School Districts
ABC Adult School 562.926.5566
Norwalk La Mirada 562.868.0431
Little Lake 562.868.8241
Cerritos College 562.860.2451
Head Start Program 562.921.7610
Charter Communications 310.971.4141
Southern California Edison 800.655.4555
Frontier 800.921.8101
The Gas Company 800.427.2200
Norwalk Water 562.929.5766
Republic Services 562.946.6441
CR&R Waste & Recycling Service 562.944.4716
Liberty Utilities 562.923.0711
Norwalk Chamber of Commerce 562.404.0909
Department of Motor Vehicles 800.777.0133
Senior Citizen's Center 562.929.5580


Frequently Asked Questions


Member Benefits

Top 10 Reasons to Join

Here are the top 10 reasons we believe you should join the Norwalk Chamber:

  1. REFERRALS! REFERRALS! REFERRALS! (only MEMBERS are referred to individuals requesting names of suppliers.)
  2. Credibility to make a statement that you are committed to the future of Norwalk
  3. Government advocacy to hold the line on taxes and government interference
  4. Discounts and benefits, such as the Member–to–Member Discount Program, to help you save money and provide more opportunities for you and your employees
  5. Learning opportunities/professional development to help you run a smarter, more profitable business
  6. Promote the community to help Norwalk residents enjoy more opportunities
  7. Referrals and sales opportunities to deliver return on your investment
  8. Publicity and heightened name recognition so customers know who you are
  9. Targeted, effective and affordable advertising, to help you advertise effectively on a small budget.
  10. Create a strong local economy to keep our business momentum moving forward.
  11. Networking and new business contacts to help your business grow

What Benefits Does the Chamber Offer Members?

Return on Investment

The success of many businesses is a direct result of the business environment of the communities in which they are located. The Norwalk Chamber works diligently to maintain a positive environment where businesses can grow and profit.

Ribbon Cuttings

The Norwalk Chamber is proud to offer our Chamber members — whether new to the community or an existing businesses — a Ribbon Cutting ceremony in partnership with the City of Norwalk.

Valued at $300, Ribbon Cutting ceremonies provide wide community exposure for Grand Openings, Groundbreaking Ceremonies or Special Anniversaries. The Mayor, Council Members, and the Chamber Board of Directors are invited to attend for a brief ceremony and photo opportunity.

In addition, the ribbon cutting ceremony is featured in the Norwalk Chamber News the following month. This service is at no cost to our members; it is just a nice way for the Chamber to continue its support of business in Norwalk.

To schedule a Ribbon Cutting please call the Chamber Office at 562.404-0909.

Monthly Newsletter

The Chambers monthly newsletter, Norwalk Chamber Business Connections, contains legislative updates, business tips, membership updates, a calendar of events, community happenings, and much, much more.


Your business message can be advertised in the Norwalk Chamber Business Connections for a small fee. The Chamber also provides other advertising opportunities through the Chamber website.


As you know, the Norwalk Chamber has its own website. The site provides members with a business listing, Chamber events and benefits, resource links, and much more. It is a great way for the Chamber to communicate information to its members, also serving as the link between the Norwalk Chamber and the 21st century.  Your business page on our website also lists your Social Media links so visitors can go straight to your information.

Business Resource Center

Located in the Norwalk Chamber office, the Business Resource Center provides access to business information, economic demographics, census information, and many more listings of interest to the community, as well as resources to external agencies such as the Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

Business Networking

Business development and networking opportunities are the most common request of the membership. Networking events allow for a variety of ways to meet with professional people and businesses within the community.


You and your employees will have access to various seminars and expos offered by the Chamber and any other organizations and affiliations. The Chamber offers membership luncheons and breakfasts, featuring guest speakers who provide useful information on current business needs. Participating in Chamber events is a great way for members to network with one another.

Member to Member Opportunities

The Norwalk Chamber tries to encourage members to build member business relationships and we recommend our members to everyone who inquires about referrals. The Chamber also sponsors a Member to Member Discount Program where members of the Chamber offer discounts to other members.

Relocation Information

The Norwalk Chamber is the first contact prospective businesses and residents make when inquiring about relocating to Norwalk. The Chamber provides a variety of information designed to make the relocation process a little easier.

Join the Chamber

Joining the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce is more than paying dues; it is an investment in your business and in your community. Annual membership investments allow the Chamber to provide quality programs, services and events that serve and enhance business in Norwalk, and more importantly business for our members. The value of just the exposure the Chamber provides exceeds the cost to invest. Below is a schedule of annual investments based on the number of employees.

* Number of Employees:



As a Norwalk Chamber member, you are invited to join any one of the committees you prefer. Committee involvement is a great networking opportunity and a wonderful way to give something back to your Chamber of Commerce. Be sure to call the Chamber to inquire about joining a committee.


Ambassador Committee members serve as official abmassador at Chamber functions such as ribbon cutting events, grand openings, and breakfast and luncheon meetings. This committee is responsible for contacting new and existing members; inviting members to events, encouraging members to take advantage of Chamber benefits and gathering feedback from members on how the Chamber is doing. The Ambassadors also aim to support the Chamber's member retention efforts.
Meets: Year Round
Chairperson: Karla Butler
Day: 1st Wednesday of the month 
Time: Noon
Location: Chamber Office  14783 Carmenita Rd. Norwalk CA

Small Business Development Committee

This committee is responsible for assuming a leadership role in supporting Hispanic owned and other small businesses in the City of Norwalk and surrounding communities. To empower Hispanic and small business professionals throughout our community for growth through education, networking and mentoring. The committee meets monthly to dialogue with speakers on a variety of relevent topics. Open to all businesses; luncheon is provded, reservations are appreciated. Call 562/ 864-7785
Meets: Monthly/ Year Round
Chairperson:  Gordon Stefenhagen
Day: As Needed
Time: Noon
Location: Chamber Office, 14783 Carmenita Rd. Norwalk CA

Special Events

This committee is responsible for planning and implementing member events such as breakfast and luncheon meetings; member recognition events; and annual special events including a Business Expo, Holiday Mixer, Golf Tournament and Installation. The main purpose of the Special Events committee is to support the Chamber's effort in providing opportunities for members to further develop business networks.
Meets: Monthly/Year Round
 Chairperson:  Lynda Fisher
Day: As Needed
Time: Noon
Location: Chamber Office, 14783 Carmenita Rd. Norwalk CA

Regional Chamber Alliance - Government Affairs Committee

The Regional Chamber Alliance - Government Affairs Committee studies, analyzes, and makes recommendations on governmental issues and legislation affecting businesses and residents of Norwalk. This committee is a joint effort between the cities of Norwalk, Pico Rivera and Santa Fe Springs, Whittier, La Mirada, and the Small Business Development Center.
Meets: Monthly/Year Round (Dark July & August)
Co-Chairperson: Julia Emerson, 562.803.7575 & Tracy Polley 562.868.9861
Day: 4th Thursday
Time: 8:00 am
Location: Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce

Board of Directors

Mission Statement

About the Chamber

The Norwalk Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary business organization dedicated to improving business and building a better community. The Chamber of Commerce is people. There is a place for everyone who shares the desire to improve the community and business. The Chamber of Commerce helps people to accomplish together what no one person could. The strength of the Chamber lies in attracting the greatest number of individuals and firms into the membership, thus creating a pool of resources, natural and human, from which ideas, energy and finances can be drawn.

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Norwalk Chamber to promote and maintain a profitable business environment that produces a quality lifestyle in Norwalk, California.

Our Responsibility

The Norwalk Chamber of Commerce is committed to providing vision, leadership, and a “voice” for the business community. The Chamber is also dedicated to creating community partnerships with the public and private sectors in an effort to cooperatively identify and resolve local and regional issues.

Our Vision

The vision of the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce is to be a unified, proactive source for our business community, providing political and business leadership, which fosters a healthy environment for business growth, retention and success.

Welcome to the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce



The Norwalk Chamber of Commerce is your business resource center here in the community for both new and current businesses. 

Visit our Chamber office to find out what resources are available to you. 

In addition we provide many opportunities for you to network and reach out to new people in order to grown your business. 

It helps you, and it helps the Chamber, so we can help you even more. It also helps the entire business community,
when we each reach out and make it a bigger, stronger network. 

It's going to be a fun and useful year.  Grow your business, grow your network. 
Reach out, with the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce.




Norwalk Chamber of Commerce


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