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Where Do I Go?


Where Do I Go...

To File Fictitious Name Statements:
Los Angeles County Registrar/RecorderBoard of Equalization
12400 Imperial Highway
Norwalk, California 90650

For Health Permits:
Los Angeles County
Environmental Health Services
(all food and drink establishments)
12400 Imperial Highway, Room 5209
Norwalk, California 90650

For Fire Regulations:
Los Angeles County Fire Department
Prevention and Conservation Bureau
19030 Pioneer Boulevard
Cerritos, California 90703

For Internal Revenue Services:
(Federal Employer Identification Numbers & Employer Tax Guide)

Occupations Safety & Health Administration
200 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20210
800.321.OSHA (6742) 

For Social Security Information contact:
Department of Health and Human Services
Social Security Administration
12311 Firestone Boulevard
Norwalk, California 90650

For La County Assessor
LA County Assessor
500 W. Temple St. Room 225
Los Angeles, CA 90012-2770

For Air Quality Management contact:
21865 Copley Drive
Diamond Bar, California 91765

Board of Equilization
For Wholesale Licenses:
Board of Equilization
12440 E. Imperial Highway, Suite 200
PO Box 409 
Norwalk, California 90650 

Business Resources

Where Do I Go?

A "one-stop" shop designed to assist Norwalk Chamber Members and the entire Norwalk business community in realizing the benefits and resources available through the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce.

The Norwalk Chamber Business Resource Center is designed as a multipurpose informational center for new and experienced business owners, as well as the community at large. The Business Resource Center offers numerous resource materials, marketing opportunities, technology access and an open door to the business community.

Resource Materials
For the prospective and new entrepreneur, the Center houses a variety of resource materials such as business start-up kits, business plan outlines, tax and fee information, as well as targeted materials for specific business needs, such as restaurants, service, retail, manufacturing, import/export, etc.

In addition to printed materials, the Chamber works collaboratively with the Small BusinessDevelopment Center (SBDC) representatives to bring “hands on” presentations and counseling opportunities to the Center to assist Norwalk businesses. A library is also available with books, periodicals, business journals, and audio/visual programs to further expand the Center's informational resources.

Marketing Opportunities
Local realtors are asked to provide flyers and brochures promoting available commercial properties. In addition, all Chamber members are encouraged to promote their business through business cards and brochures that are displayed in racks within the Business Resource Center.

Technology Access
Computers, containing word processing and related software capabilities, are provided for Chamber members to use. In addition, one of the systems provides Internet access. With these facilities, Chamber members who are visiting the office or who do not have computing facilities in their business offices will be able to "surf the net," and use the word processing and spreadsheet software that is available on the Center's computers.

Norwalk community groups also have the opportunity to promote their programs and events through the Business Resource Center.

Here are some helpful links for State, Federal and Local Agencies:

Business Checklist

  • Have you tried to find out whether businesses like the one you want to open are doing well in Norwalk?
  • Do you have experience in the type of business you wish to start?
  • Does the area need a store/service/business like yours?
  • How much money will you need to get your business started?
  • How much of your money can you put into the business?
  • Do you know if your suppliers will extend you credit - the people you buy from?
  • Do you know where you can raise the rest of the money you need to start your business?
  • Have you figured out what net income per year you expect to get from the business?
  • Have you developed a formal business plan?
  • Have you presented your plans to a banker?
  • Have you found a good location for your business?
  • Can people get to it easily from parking spaces, bus stops or their homes?
  • Have you checked with the City Planning Division about the zoning required for your business?
  • Do you know what licenses & permits you need?
  • Do you know what business laws you have to obey?
  • Do you know a lawyer to go to for advice and help?
  • Have you planned a system of records that will keep track of your income and expenses?
  • Have you figured out how to keep your payroll records and take care of tax reports and payments?
  • Do you want to own a business badly enough to keep working long hours without knowing how much money you will actually make?
  • Have you worked in a business like the one you want to start?
  • Have you ever had any business training in school?
  • Does your family support your plan to start a business of your own?

If you answered all these questions YES, you've done some hard work and serious thinking. But, opening the front door and shouting, "come buy my product or service" isn't enough. Approximately 80% of all new business ventures fail in the first two years. The successful enterprise is one which is started because of deep interest or experience of its organizers. The single most important element in success is education or experience in the area of management. Nine out of ten failures could be prevented if the owners have a better understanding of the management skills and practices necessary to run a business successfully. For more business resources:

Start a Business

Start a Business

The following steps have been prepared to assist new business owners in meeting the municipal requirements to start a business in the City of Norwalk. 


All persons or companies conducting business in the City of Norwalk are required to obtain a Business License (N.M.C. Section 5.08.010). Included in these requirements are residential landlords (renting four or more units), retail stores, wholesalers, manufacturers, self-employed, professionals, building contractors and home based businesses.


All businesses are required to register their Business Name with the County Registrar-Recorder office. 


Any type of business that involves sales must obtain a Seller's Permit/Resale Permit atState Board of Equalization before applying for Business License.


Businesses operating from a residence must obtain a Home Occupation Permit prior to applying for a Business License.


The fee for each Business License is established by resolution of the City Council. A tax rate schedule is on file in the Finance Department for your information. A $65.00 investigation, inspection and processing fees is also required if the business is operating from a commercial area in the City of Norwalk.


A Business License must be obtained prior to the commencement of business operations. Business owners are responsible for submittal of a business license renewal form or a new business license application and payment of all fees by December 31st of each year to renew the license. 


Business License fees are due ANNUALLY based on a calendar year and expire on December 31st of each year. The City of Norwalk will mail each business owner a renewal notice in November of each year. 


Business License Certificates are not transferable. New business owners must apply for their own business license and may not use the business license of a previous owner.


Business activities are subject to the requirements of State, County, and City Municipal Codes. If you have further questions concerning the location of your business, fees, zoning, parking requirements, signs, building permits, utility connections, and engineering requests, please contact the City of Norwalk. We look forward to providing you with information that will be of assistance in locating your business in the City of Norwalk.

Building Permits - (562) 929-5733
Business License - (562) 929-5713
Community Development - (562) 929-5744
Engineering - (562) 929-5723
Finance - (562) 929-5750
Public Safety - (562) 929-5732
Public Services - (562) 929-5511
Utility Billing - (562) 929-5766

Professional Services:
$65 base fee, plus $6 each for first to fourth employee, and $3 for each five to twenty-five, and $1.50 for each thereafter. 

Services, Home Occupations and Trades:
$37.50 base fee, plus $6 each for first to fourth employee, and $3 for each five to twenty-five, and $1.50 for each />
Contractor and Subcontractor:
Basic flat rate of $75.00 per year. 


Base Fee
Additional Per 1K
Minimum Payment
Over 515K


14783 Carmenita Rd.
Norwalk, California 90650 
(562) 404.0909

200 W. Santa Ana Blvd.
Suite 700
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 550-7420


Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder
12400 Imperial Highway
Norwalk, California 90650
(562) 462-2177 

Los Angeles County
Environmental Health Services
(All Food & Drink establishments)
12440 Imperial Highway, Room 519
Norwalk, California 90650
(562) 345-6800 

Los Angeles County Fire Department
Prevention and Conservation Bureau
19030 Pioneer Boulevard
Cerritos, California 90703
(562) 860-8014 


(Federal Employer Identification Numbers & Employer Tax Guide)
(800) 829-1040 

12440 Imperial Highway
Suite 170
Norwalk, California 90650
(562) 929-1565 


21865 Copley Drive
Diamond Bar, California 91765
(909) 396-2000 

12440 Imperial Highway
Suite 200
Norwalk, CA 90650
(562) 466-1694

Professional Workshops

Professional Workshops

The Norwalk Chamber understands the challenges of running a business and how important it is that business owners stay current with the latest standards, both on a local and state level. The Chamber offers Professional Workshops throughout the year that help our members to stay current and to continue improving their business.

Ongoing workshops are offered at the Chamber office by the Small Business DevelopmentCenter covering everything from putting business plans together to how to use marketing and advertising to human resource issues.

Check out our Calendar of Events for the next scheduled workshop.

Elected Officials





Jude Cazares

School Districts

School Districts

Cerritos CollegeNorwalk is served by three K-12 school districts: ABC Unified School District, Little Lake City School District, and Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District. Combined there is one pre-school, 16 elementary schools, six middle schools, and two adult schools. Norwalk is also home to Cerritos College, which is one of the largest community colleges in the state. Residents can conveniently commute to Fullerton and Long Beach State Universities. In addition, Norwalk is home to several parochial schools, pre-schools and child care centers.

Click on the following links to learn more about the school districts that serve Norwalk:

ABC Unified School District

Norwalk - La Mirada Unified School District

Little Lake City School District

Cerritos College



Incorporation August 1957
Form of Government Council/Manager
Population 105,549*
Incorporated Area 9.8 square miles
Median Income $46,047
Unemployment Rate 12.5% **
Housing Vacancy Rate 3.4% *
Taxable Sales $985 million in 2005
Total Housing Units 28,083
Median Housing Price $418,200
Population Per Square Mile 10,761

*Source: Census 2010; California Department of Finance;
**Employment Development Department as of June 1, 2011


Hispanic or Lation 70.15%
White 7.98%
Asian 12.03%
African American 4.35%
American Indian & Alaska Native


Multi-Racial 4.3%
Other 0.2%
Male: 49.6% 52,354 Female: 50.4% 53,185

19 & Under: 31%
20 to 64: 59.1%
65 & over: 9.9% 
Median Age: 32.5 


Top Employers

Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District 1,987
Metropolitan State Hospital 1450
Cerritos College 1,143
LA County Registrar-Recorder 697
California Youth Authority




All California Brokerage


City of Norwalk


Little Lake School District


Costco Wholesale


Doty Brother's Construction


LA County Sheriff's Department




MCI Corretions


Southland Care Center


Prudential California Realty


US Post Office


Norwalk Meadows Nursing


Lowe's Home Improvement



Norwalk is where California history intersects with new millennium technology in Southern California. A City, poised since the days of El Camino Real, in a regionally vital transportation hub. Norwalk is where you want to be, just minutes away from everywhere important in Southern California.

General Information

Fire Station 20Norw

Norwalk is a suburban city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. The population was 105,549 at the 2010 census, up from 103,298 at the 2000 census, making it the 58th most populous city in California and the 255th nationally.

Founded in the late 19th century, Norwalk was incorporated as a city in 1957. It is located 17 miles (27 km) southeast of downtown Los Angeles, and 12 miles (19 km) northwest of Garden Grove.

Norwalk operates under a Council/Manager form of government, established by the Charter of the City of Norwalk which was drafted in 1957. The five-member City Council acts as the city's chief policy-making body. Every two years, Councilmembers are elected by the citizens of Norwalk to serve four-year, overlapping terms. Councilmembers are not limited to the number of terms they may serve. The Mayor is selected by the Council and serves a one-year term.

Norwalk is a member of the Gateway Cities Council of Governments. Norwalk's sister cities are Morelia, Michoac¡n, and Hermosillo, Sonora, in Mexico.

Norwalk is the home of the Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder. The Los Angeles County Registrar's Office is responsible for the registration of voters, maintenance of voter files, conduct of federal, state, local and special elections and the verification of initiative, referendum and recall petitions. There are approximately 4.1 million registered voters, and 5 thousand voting precincts established for countywide elections. The office also has jurisdiction over marriage license issuance, the performance of civil marriage ceremonies, fictitious business name filings and indexing, qualification and registration of notaries and miscellaneous statutory issuance of oaths and filings. The office issues approximately 75,000 marriage licenses and processes 125,000 fictitious business name filings annually. The Recorder's Office is responsible for recording legal documents which determine ownership of real property and maintains files of birth, death and marriage records for Los Angeles County. It serves the public and other County departments such as the Assessor, Health Services, Public Social Services and Regional Planning. The office processes 2 million real and personal property documents and 750,000 birth, death and marriage records annually and services approximately 2,000 customers daily.[9]

The United States Postal Service operates the Norwalk Post Office at 14011 Clarkdale Avenue and the Paddison Square Post Office at 12415 Norwalk Boulevard.

The Southeast District of the Los Angeles County Superior Court is located in Norwalk.

The 162-acre (0.66 km2) Metropolitan State Hospital, a psychiatric and mental health facility operated by the California Department of Mental Health, is located in Norwalk. wa “contract city” and continues to operate in that manner. A contract city is a city in which services such as police and fire are contracted with another agency. The City of Norwalk contracts with the Los Angeles Countyal governments.

Cultural Highlights

Hargitt HouseThe City of Norwalk is home to the Sproul Museum and historical Hargitt House. The City is also a premier location for the production of featured motion pictures and television commercials, utilizing locations such as the historic Paddison Farm, Front Street and unique residential areas.

Norwalk Yesterday and Today

The Norwalk of Yesterday

Originally, the land that became known as "Norwalk" was home to the Shoshonean Indian tribes. They survived primarily on honey, an array of berries, acorns, sage, squirrels, rabbits and birds. Their huts were part of the Sejat Indian village. 

In the late 1760s, Spanish settlers, Padres and missions flourished in the area. In 1833, the Mexican government passed the Secularization Bill, which returned the land to the Indian tribes. However, the Indian tribes suffered the loss of much of their culture, and were unable to successfully cope with the return of their land.

Gilbert SproulThe Rancho and mining days in California ended around the 1860's and the land was subdivided once again and made available for sale. Word of this land development reached the Sproul Brothers in Oregon. They recalled the fertile land and huge sycamore trees they saw during an earlier visit to the Southern California area. In 1869, Atwood Sproul, on behalf of his brother, Gilbert, purchased 463 acres of land at $11 an acre in an area known as Corazon de los Valles, or "Heart of the Valleys."

Old Sproul ResidenceBy 1873, news of a railroad service coming through the area was committed. The Sprouls deeded 23 acres and stipulated a "passenger stop" clause in the deed. Three days after the Anaheim Branch Railroad crossed the "North-walk" for the first time, Gilbert Sproul surveyed a town site. In 1874, the name was recorded officially as Norwalk. The Museum is open on the first Sunday of the month from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Tours for groups of 10 or more are also available by appointment. Please call (562) 929-5702 for more information.

While a majority of the Norwalk countryside remained undeveloped during the 1880's, the Norwalk Station allowed potential residents the opportunity to visit the "country" from across the nation. This pre-1900 era also brought the "first families" to Norwalk, including the Sprouls, the Dewitts, the Settles, the Orrs, and many others. They grouped together to shape the future of this community. 

In 1880, D.D. Johnston pioneered the first school system in Norwalk. Johnston was also responsible for the first real industry in town, a cheese factory, by furnishing Tom Lumbard with the money in 1882.

Norwalk celebrated the famous "Gay 90s" with the construction of a number of fine homes that were located in the middle of orchards, farms and dairies. One of those residential landmarks was built in 1891 by the D. D. Johnston family, and it subsequently became known as the Hargitt House, an 1891 Victorian Eastlake. Today, you have the opportunity of visiting the Hargitt House Museum, located at 12426 Mapledale, which was donated to the people of Norwalk by Charles ("Chun") and Ida Hargitt. The Museum is open on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Tours for groups of 10 or more area also available by request. Please call (562) 929-5702 for more information. On the day of your visit, please call the Museum directly after 12 noon at (562) 929-5612 if you have any questions.

Front Street, circa 1923At the turn of the century, Norwalk had become established as the dairy "Heart of the Valleys." Of the 50 local families reported in the 1900 census, most were associated with farming or with the dairy industry. Norwalk was also the home of some of the largest sugar beet farms in all of Southern California during this era. As the years passed, the community continued to grow. Permanent educational facilities were constructed, electricity and telephone service installed, and railroads and highways linked Norwalk to statewide markets. 

The need for local control over local affairs soon became so great that a special incorporation election was called. On August 26, 1957, Norwalk was certified by the Secretary of State as California's 15th largest city and became L.A. County's 66th city. With cityhood came startling improvements in services to local residents. Progressive health and building standards were adopted, law enforcement increased, storm drainage improved, and citywide street lighting districts formed.

The Norwalk of Today


The City of Norwalk was incorporated on August 26, 1957 becoming Los Angeles County's 66th City. Comprising about 9.77 square miles, the City has continued to grow and develop into a prosperous and culturally rich community of over 109,000 residents.

Located at the midpoint between Los Angeles and Orange Counties, Norwalk is just minutesFront Streetaway from the finest cultural, educational and entertainment centers both counties have to offer. Mountains and beaches are also close and readily accessible. In 2007, the City of Norwalk will proudly celebrate its 50th Anniversary with a community sense of pride and accomplishment anticipating an even brighter future.

Norwalk is a general law city, and contracts for services in law enforcement and fire with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The City also contracts out for water, street sweeping, and trash disposal. In business, education, government, and law enforcement, the signs of growth serve as evidence for a bright future.

Metro RailNorwalk's parks and community recreation rrograms are administered by the City's Recreation and Park Services Department. The parks system consists of 12 parks with a total of 87.3 acres of land. An additional asset to the City is, of course, its location. Norwalk sits at the heart of an expanding regional transportation network; an outstanding convenience to residents that work anywhere in Los Angeles or Orange Counties.

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