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Kinetics Noise Control, Inc.

Street: 15421 Blackburn Ave.
Postcode: 90650
City: Norwalk
Federal State: CA
Contact Person: Jason Rothe
Phone: 562-677-0860
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Kinetics Noise Control, inc. ("Kinetics") has extensive experience designing and manufacturing innovative products to control noise and vibration.  Established in 1958 as industrial consultants focused on controlling sound and vibration, Kinetics  now produces the industry's largest selection of innovative products and solutions to control airborne noise, isolate structure-borne vibration, enhance room acoustics, create quiet spaces, and restrain non-structural building systems.  Kinetics features an experienced staff of professional engineers, customer support, and sales representatives worldwide who are ready to work with you.  Kinetics has facilities in Ohio, California, Ontario, and Hong Kong.  Previous trade names include Consolidated Kinetics, Peabody Noise Control, and Vibron Products Group.